Home Automation

Home automation is part of the “The Internet of Things”. With home automation, you can control your lighting, ventilation, air-conditioning, heating, appliances, and security with one click on a wall-mounted touch panel, mobile phone, or a tablet.

Home automation has been around for many decades in terms of lighting and simple appliance control. Recently technology caught up with the idea of the interconnected world at the touch of your fingertips or a simple voice command to Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana. The dream of making your home smart is now easy!

Residential Automation

From castles to cottages, and everything in between, we can unify building control so that you can create your ideal living space. Smart home technologies can naturally merge into our daily life. We connect your lights, curtains, air conditioners and other devices into the system, and allows you to control them on a mobile phone, tablet or wall panel.

Hotel Automation

From check-in to check out, a hotel guest must only ever experience the very highest levels of comfort, service, and convenience. To make this a reality, we have developed a range of automation solutions designed specifically for hotels. With an automated hotel, the working efficiency can also be improved so that resources can be redistributed towards a hotel’s primary focus, guest satisfaction.

Lighting Automation

Home lighting is more than just switching the light on and off. The smart systems can connect with various lighting devices. We make lighting control simpler and more convenient. Apart from turning ON/OFF the lights, you can adjust the brightness, light colour and also schedule the lights ON and OFF.

Gate Automation

Motorized gates are your first security check to your premise. These remotely controlled gates are operable from a particular distance thus saving you the effort to walk up and down. It also lets you operate it from inside your home, car and even when you are approaching your home.

CCTV/IP Surveillance System

We provide a variety of camera systems and technologies that varies from budget-friendly security solution like analogue CCTV and easy-to-use IP systems to the extent of flexible wireless security camera systems.

Automatic Security System

Intelligent intrusion detection is a delicate balance between responding to real security breaches and ignoring costly false alarm sources. Our advanced sensors provide best-in-class catch performance while virtually eliminating false triggers such as strong drafts, moving objects, and the presence of pets.

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    1. Why Automation?

    Total Convenience - Your home is really at the tip of your fingers...! Huge Savings - Our products allow you to manage your household’s energy consumption, Unbeatable security - You can check in on your property, arm and disarm your alarms remotely. Peace of Mind - You never have to worry again about your home even when you are away.

    2. When is the best time to install home automation?

    The best time to install home automation is now. The smart tech offers security and safety for the family and the house - nothing beats the security aspects. Besides, the best time to install home automation is while building a new home or renovating an existing one. In both the scenarios, the homeowners can get down to the wires easily.

    3. Is the smart home system complicated to use?

    A smart home automation system lets technology take care of your home and business. In just a few clicks, life is made easy and every device connected to the home automation system can be controlled through a remote or an app installed on a smartphone or tablet.

    4. How can I save energy with home automation?

    Home automation makes sure that your home uses resources like electricity and water more effectively in order to reduce waste throughout the home. Besides increasing security and convenience, home automation can indeed make a difference in the environment and you will thus get smaller utility bills.

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