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Intended to support Freight forwarding, Logistics, and Shipping companies from the back to assist them to concentrate on their money-generating sector than the coordination & administration department. LBOS takes care of the perfunctory, repetitive stuff that’s costing you time and takes your focus away from your business. Reduced cost is the prime benefit. By LBOS, you get your work done at a fraction of the cost that you would have to spend if it is done locally. On average, you can expect cost savings of up to 30-40%. It allows you to concentrate on growing your core competencies and thereby enhancing your bottom line. Build long-term customer relationships through delivering quality services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since our aim is to provide the best quality back-office service facility, we make sure, all your demands are met before getting started. moreover, the staffs are contracted to work under your operational policies and regulation. making it 100% reliable.
The back office staffs communicate with you and your client using your company emails and other communication channels.
Here is the difference between other back-office alternatives. We list you a number of experienced staffs as per your accord. you can have a final selection interview for your company.
Our core concern in our service is to give 100% security to our client's sensitive data and communication. Our years of experience in logistics support, approved certification and strong contract to safeguard clients interest makes us stand out in terms of data security

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