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Odoo is one of the leading open source ERP providers across the globe and it targets Small, Medium, and Multinational Enterprises encompassing several departments. Odoo endured many adversaries before securing its present status. Odoo is one of the first open ERP providers in Europe. It's now used by SMEs across all industries and is known for its security features which have helped it overcome many adversaries that challenged Odoo during its rise to fame. It is made up of an integrated suite of business modules including customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, accounting, billing, inventory management, project management, warehouse management, financial management, manufacturing, etc.

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Odoo is an open-source website builder that allows users to generate websites and handle online operations. The tool lets you deal with inventory management, CRM, sales, reporting, accounting and, automates sending invoices and, it’s integrated with an e-commerce platform.
Python is the programming language of Odoo
Odoo, formerly known as OpenERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), is used by companies for managing the basics of the company such as materials and warehouse management, human resources, finance, accounting, sales, and many other enterprise features.
Odoo has its API framework and its templating language-QWeb.
1. Get your hands on Python(if you are a beginner).
2. Get Ubuntu on your PC.
3. Create an Odoo Development Environment on Ubuntu.
4. Learn Odoo from this list of resources. or buy eBooks.
5. Start Developing your Odoo app.
Your security is very important to us. So customer passwords are protected with industry standards and Odoo staff does not have access to your password. Login credentials are always transmitted securely over HTTPS.
● Warehouse Management
● Project Management
● Sales Management
● Manufacturing
● Accounting
Comparatively, Odoo Enterprise is more authenticated than the Odoo community. It requires a license based on the number of users and applications. The Community Edition is free, open-source, and primarily supported by the Odoo community.
★ Service Sector.
★ Trading company.
★ Marketing.
★ Education sector.
★ Health Care.
★ Apparel
★ Automobile

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