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Mobile app development is one of the most straightforward scenarios to implement a product based website or desktop application to a mobile device. This takes the advantage of the unique features of mobile device hardware such as NFC, GPS, Bluetooth, sensors, camera, etc. in order to create apps with advanced technology, embedding virtual/augmented reality, barcode scanning, GPS-based services, etc. Optimal performance is the key aim of every user, and a mobile app makes the best outcome with its special features which keeps on updating regularly. Mobile applications move away with integrated software systems providing a particular or limited functionality unlike desktop device apps.

Mobile app development technologies:

Native app
They are built native to particular platforms or mobile operating systems like Android or iOS and are known for their high performance and user experience.

Web App
These are Software applications which are similar to native apps and work on mobile devices. Initially, they run on the browser and redirect the user to the URL for installing the app.

Hybrid App
These are easy and fast to develop apps using web technologies with a single codebase for all platforms, thus lowering the cost of maintenance and streamlining its processing.

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