How Has This COVID Affected The Logistics Business in 2021?

COVID 19 Impact on the Logistics Business

The world has been going through a pandemic situation. Last few months, it has changed everyone’s daily routine. Daily cases of the disease are continuing to rise all across the world. WHO updates much guidance to control and decrease the cases of COVID-19. The governments in different countries have been very proactive in trying to control the outbreak of a pandemic.

The COVID affected large and small businesses all over the world. During the time of COVID pandemic, world business economy fell down. The government introduced may plan to restart the businesses.

COVID Impact on Logistics

The logistics business affected very badly like any other business. On the second or third day of the lockdown, the movement and shipment fell by 70%-80%. The quick rise of COVID cases the logistics face challenges in terms of delay in delivery, investments, etc. Many countries restricted the shipment activities due to the pandemic.

Internally logistics business can be divided into two categories.

  1. Logistics that deal with essential commodities. The shipment that deals with customer needs like medical or healthcare products. The limited availability of health products like masks and other medical equipment seems a huge hit in terms of shipment volume.
  2. Logistics that deal with essential commodities. The customer wants but not essential goods like fashion, jewelry, etc. shipments have effected more. It seems the shipment volume goes down by about 85-90%.

However, roadways are relatively less affected compared to airfreight and water freight. Trucking is also a critical mode of transportation during the crisis. Logistics faces huge challenges during the lockdown, the logistics operators can’t deliver the goods on time.

How Customer Support In This Situation?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed customer attitude toward logistics operators. Even the small logistics industry they’ve short staff and delays with a lot of shipments at the time due to the less availability of transport, but the customers giving more support to the business. Some customers when desperate about the shipment and they understand the current situation and used to the cooperative.

Way Forward for the logistics?

In the future, we could hope to see a fast recovery in the logistics sector. Most country’s logistics recovered by 40%. Finally, What we need is that get together the logistics community and helping especially the small logistics sectors even after the difficult situation.

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