Oxap – Status Tracker for Cataract and Diabetic Retinopathy

Status Tracker for Cataract and Diabetic Retinopathy

Surgery Patients

It is always an aching task for diabetic patients to undergo surgery even if it is minor or major. Diabetes may increase the risk for surgery by arising problems during or post-surgery periods such as infection at the surgery site, slow healing, etc. Diabetes may also cause kidney issues, which may bring the patient to a stage of unresponsiveness to medical treatments.

           A disorder like a Cataract and Diabetic Retinopathy requires a prioritized account that it should be treated and diagnosed accordingly. The biggest cause of blindness in India is due to diabetic-related eye diseases. India is considered to be the diabetic capital of the world, has more than 72 million people with diabetes, Cataract still accounts for nearly 65% of blindness. A Cataract is a stage when your eye’s natural lens becomes cloudy. Aging is the most common reason for a cataract. This is due to normal eye changes that happen around the age of 40. When a normal problem in the lens starts to break down that will result in the lens getting cloudy and blurry. The vision becomes rapidly blurred. People with diabetes have a higher risk of Diabetic Retinopathy. This is when a high blood sugar level causes damage to eye blood vessels. These blood vessels can swell and leak. 

Eye care in India

The biggest challenges for effective eye care in India are inadequate facilities, lack of access, and record keeping. The eye care hospitals are continuously investing in updating the ERP systems to handle the challenge. Reducing clinical errors and increasing efficiency in record-keeping are the primary reason for implementing ERP software for the eye care industry. Among the other ERP systems, Oxap – Eye Hospital Management will offer features like transparency and integration between sectors & make sure the smooth functioning of a complex hospital environment, provide high-level security for all the data stored, and also provide complete medical records of patients regarding their past and current treatments.

Specially designed ERP Software for Eye Care Hospitals

The Software is designed to tackle the problems caused by the deficiency in managing data of patients as well as the absence of a tool that keeps the system awake and will let you integrate the operations. Oxap – Eye Hospital Management helps the activities to be done smoothly and precisely by scheduling multiple patient requirements and tracking their status to give the best services. As an Enterprise Resource Planner, Oxap – Eye Hospital Management integrates interdepartmental activities too.

           Using the module for consultation, a Front Desk person can collate the availability of an ophthalmologist to a patient. If a diabetic patient with any of the above-mentioned eye disorders will have to undergo tests before surgery. With the help of the integration feature of Oxap, ophthalmologist the administrator can communicate this to the physician. After the checkup, the doctor can update the status to the database and schedule surgery and the patient is served in the shortest time. Oxap – Eye Hospital Management can notify the less reminded but priority demanded cases without any further manual follow-ups. This will again make the process hassle-free and the patient gets covered with utmost care. 

           Some of the major modules of Oxap – Eye Hospital Management are reception, patient registration, refraction, consultation, counseling, and surgery. The surgery module is to manage the details like date of surgery, patient profile, equipment details, name of the doctor assigned for a particular surgery. In the absence of required medicines and other surgical items, a doctor cannot schedule a surgery. On the other hand, a pharmacist can meet the requirements against the activities scheduled by the doctor by filling up the stock. Through these, there will be proper handling of inventory and information is possible.  

Oxap – Eye Hospital Management is an ERP software specially designed and built for Eye Care Hospitals. Along with the creative and technological mastery of talented and value-driven people of Oxap – Eye Hospital Management, this software is equipped with the suggestions of healthcare professionals. Oxap – Eye Hospital Management can be considered as the product of vast and accurate research. This Odoo ERP software with inevitable features allows hospital management to coordinate and run the business smoothly like never before.

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